Having always had an interest in art, producing his own work both on canvas and paper for many years, photography came as a natural progression to James. The combination of the technical requirements of photography coupled with the artistic element involved in the image-making process is of particular interest to him. His artistic background is very much in evidence in his photographic style; strong composition and design being key elements of his work.

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James has developed a keen interest in still life photography, but rather than adopting the traditional ‘table top’ style of old he prefers to take a more artistic and sometimes abstract approach. His aim is to put ‘life into still life’ and James portrays everyday objects in a new and fresh way through the creative use of colour and lighting. James’ still life work has won him a coveted Fujifilm merit award and has also been featured in ‘Professional Photographer’ magazine.

Photography for James is a passion, a way of life, and when he is not busy taking images for clients he is always involved in image creation of some sort. Often experimenting with different techniques, this helps to keep his photography fresh and up to date. Landscape and travel photography bring particular pleasure. His images of Barcelona have been featured in ‘Living Edge’ magazine.

Enjoy the galleries.